Apps & Ads agency was founded in 2017, starting with the office in Shelton Street, London. After only 7 months, our team decided to spread across Europe, due to high demand for managing creators/models on subscription platforms in local languages.

Today, we operate in London, Barcelona, Belgrade, Prague, Vienna and Milan, supporting over 1300 models.

Our teams gather 95% female experts from various fields: IT specialists, sales managers, HR professionals, marketing experts, customer care agents and psychologists.

Over the course of 5 years, we have developed break-through strategies which bring success to models literally over night.

“In my 15 year long career in digital marketing, I have never seen a business that allows individuals to become so rich, so fast, like subscription platforms do. But just like in any other business, one needs expert knowledge to attract customers and generate profit. Our strategies are so powerful, that even a total beginner who never had an account on subscription platform can earn 6 figures in a matter of months. This is fascinating.”
Lisa Bergoglio, Marketing Team

Whether you are an experienced OnlyFans or Fiesta Fans model, or you are just getting started, it makes no difference – you need professional support. We have seen so many girls trying on their own, believing they can earn a lot and live their dream life, a life that top successful models have. But what they don’t know is that none of the top successful models works on their own – all of them have professional agencies managing their accounts.

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